“On my arrival at Ambleside I was interviewed by Miss Mason who asked me for what purpose I had come. I replied: “I have come to learn to teach.” Then Miss Mason said: “My dear, you have come here to learn to live.” I have never forgotten those precious words which have helped me with my children.”
                                                                                                                                                    — Essex Cholmondeley
We are now accepting applications for the following positions for the 2019-2020 school year:
  • Director of Instruction:                                                                  
    The Director of Instruction shall serve as the leader and resource person for the instructional programs of Ambleside at Skylark, provide support to teachers and families and provide leadership in staff development activities. The Director of Instruction will assist in program monitoring, evaluation, and management. Requirements: Experience in an Ambleside School as classroom teacher or the willingness and desire to learn the Ambleside Philosophy and Methodology. Bachelors Degree. Commitment to the Ambleside pedagogy.
  • Mathematics Specialist, Part-time 30 hours/week
  • Spanish Specialist, Part-time
Download an application HERE Employment at Ambleside Application
Ambleside teachers demonstrate an active, daily commitment to Jesus Christ and share His heart for children. They love books, ideas, nature, and learning a wide variety of subjects.  They are willing to become students of Charlotte Mason and teach using her pedagogy.  They are able to lead young people with authority and respect, insight and courage, love and inspiration. Ambleside teachers are able to master and teach their subjects using the skills they learn through training under Ambleside Schools International.
Experience in the classroom and a major in an academic subject from a liberal arts program is preferred.