Skylark School has been a  huge blessing to our family. This is our first year with our boys at the school and it has been a pure joy to see our sons grow and develop in so many ways. They amaze us daily by reciting so many texts, by singing all the beautiful songs they learn throughout the week, and by demonstrating what they learn at school. We love to watch our boys grow in knowledge, in wisdom and character. It is such a privilege and a blessing for them to receive an excellent, well-rounded, Christ-focused education.
E.B., parent
We have watched our children blossom in their time at Skylark, becoming delighted with a new story they are reading or a new nature study experience. Through this, they have not only become educated on these topics, but they’re learning more about the Creator himself and are able to have an intimate relationship with the Lord. Struggle has been a part of the growth, whether remembering the details of a narration or where to correctly place their bow on the violin. But through these struggles, they are learning habits and life skills to problem solve or correct mistakes. They have started to see the good in a struggle and how to overcome it.
S&C.O, parent